Hey Guys! I have an old Word doc. from 6th grade! 6TH GRADE PEEPS!!!

  Don’t be afraid, to grasp an opportunity. To express yourself. To ask for help if needed. You can achieve anything, if you believe in yourself. Your friends, family, teachers, will encourage you to go forth and be brave. Asking for help just proves that you are brave enough to admit when you need help. Guess what? No one is going to judge you for needing help. Everyone needs help in one way or another, so we should admit it. We should go forth and conquer. It doesn’t matter how anyone else sees you, it only matters how you see yourself. So don’t be afraid, to ask a question, because sometimes someone else might have the same question but they might be too scared to ask it. People will support you. People will help you in anyway they can. Don’t be afraid, to conquer 6th grade. What you need, is not in a textbook. Not in a notebook, not in article. What you need is something only you can give yourself. What you need, is to believe in yourself. Only you can give yourself belief. Only you, can put faith in yourself. Trust, that you can do something. Never give up. Don’t give up just because you don’t think that you can do something, because you can. Try your best. That’s all anyone wants you to do. They don’t want you to  get straight A’s or to be the best in everything. They want you to do your best. If you try your best on a test and get a C, who cares? All that matters is that you did your best. And guess what? You can learn from the incorrect answers and when you take it again, you’ll have learned more about the subject. So do your best. That’s an order.

Thanks for reading! And remember, never give up. Don’t be afraid and believe in yourself.

~Shanti Sol

I honestly really don’t believe I wrote this! HOW????? Danke for reading. I’m stealing someone’s MO-whatever that means. BOUDY!!!!

~Shanti Sol

Baby and Gratitude time.

Hey guys! Time to share some awesome pictures of me when I was little. Hope Y’all enjoy and have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

This was 7 years ago…..when I was 7 years old. I was sick 😦
How old do you think I am?? This was actually when I was 8 years old…..do I look older?
Me and Kaya – My BFF even when she is frustrating. I love you, Kaya.
All the way back in 2014. Kaya was 10 and I was 9.
I believe I was 9-10 in this picture. I envy my looks from back then 🙂
This was me and Ashlyn when she was 4 and I was 9. I love you, Ashlyn. Thanks for being someone who tries to cheer me up 🙂
Me, Yael, Tristen, and Holland went to bike camp and this was on one of the trails.
This was at the 8th grade moving up ceremony 2 years ago when Kaya was going into High School. My turn.
I love you, dad. Thanks for always being there for me. I appreciate everything you do for me.
Holland and Ashlyn dancing to music 4 years ago. Ash was 5 and Holland was 6. I love you guys!
Tristen at 9. Tristen, thanks for always willing to give a joke and for never letting anyone get your spirits down. I love you.
Willow joining us in the school room. I love you, Willow.
Kaya, Holland, Me, and Ashlyn. My sisters in love and life. I love you guys so much.
This me and Kaya with our biological sister Lindsey. She doesn’t live with us but she is still our family. I love you, Lindsey.
Halloween!!! I think I look the best….. 😀
Mi familia. My family. Thanks for sticking with me guys. Love you.
Kaya actually let me bury her 2 years ago. Thanks Kaya, sorry for not letting you do the same…..well, kinda.
My Martial Arts buddies. Sophie, Liam, Alex, Micheal, My instructor, Kaya, me, Hannah, and Austin.
Thanks for an awesome time at the fair, Gobea family. Mrs. and Mr. Gobea, Matthew, Crystal, and Isaiah. I appreciate the time and energy you put into coming and I want you guys to know that I had one of the best times of my life. Thank you. Thank you Mrs. and Mr. Gobea for raising such amazing kids that I had the joy of meeting. Thanks Matthew for being one of my best and closest friends and for being someone who is generous and kind. Thanks Crystal, keeping me posted on you blog and for being on of the readers on my blog. Isaiah, thanks for honestly just being there. You are super cute! I am so grateful to know all of you.
My siblings and I in our sparring gear….although we are missing Holland.
Me and Willow way back in February. The only thing I can say is….I have no eyebrows 😀
Me and my sister Holland: Thanks for always being a positive person Holland. I love you!
You guys must be getting tired of looking at me. This was back when I was….10??
Sol Sisters forever. Love ya guys.
My other half, my sister from the other side.
Me, Kaya, Yael. Thanks Yael, for always having faith in me and for letting me wrap you in blankets 😀
I love you guys. Even though sometimes I don’t always show it. I love you forever.
I literally haven’t changed that much since this picture.
My Aunt. I love you, Aunt Didi. Thanks for always listening to my ideas.
Dad, I loves you even when you get mad at me because I know that you’re trying to raise me to be a great person. I love you.
I am proud of who I have become today.
The face I made when I didn’t like what was happening.
Finally, Thanks to my wonderful parents. I wouldn’t be here today without you. I appreciate and love you. Thank you for supporting my ideas and dreams and for always being there for me. I love you with all my heart.

Thank you to friends and family who have helped me become who I am. I appreciate every one of you. Thanks for always being there for me to talk to and for sharing experiences and laughs with me. I am forever grateful.

~Shanti Sol


The Undiscovered Worlds.

                                                By: Shanti Sol

Prologue: Enorbia

                The figure coughed as smoke burned his eyes and nose. As he ran, he clutched an odd orb under his arm. “Almost there.” He said to himself. A blue light revealed itself, confirming that he was right. He was so close. Suddenly, a wall of flames erupted all around him.

            “Nice try, Forest,” a voice said in the blaze. “But you’re too late. “ A woman stepped though the flames and stood before him. Red hair fell to her waist. A tight emerald green dress sparkled in the moonlight. Black boots covered her feet. “Give the Remul to me and you won’t get hurt.” The woman spoke with a deep and powerful voice. The man turned towards her.

            “Never, Enorbia.” With that he threw the orb through the flames and into the blue light.

            “You fool.” Enorbia sneered. “You will pay.” She raised a hand, palm extended towards Forest. Forest started screaming. It was as if his lungs and heart were on fire. He danced around, trying to rid himself of the pain. “This is what you get when you defy me.”  She jerked her hand back. Forest couldn’t breathe. She cut of his air supply and his body thudded to the ground. Enorbia smiled to herself, then frowned. Crack. She turned and a man stepped into the flames. “Hello Dr. Rizzo.” Enorbia said. The man walked to her. “I have caught and killed the culprit.”

            “What happened, Enorbia?” Dr. Rizzo asked. Enorbia raised her hands and two chairs appeared.

            “Sit. It’s a long story.” She said.  “Once upon a time, about five years ago, a man stumbled upon my cottage. I invited him in and asked how he got here, since my home was far in the countryside. He asked if I could trust him with something. I replied that I could. So he told me his story.” Here, Enorbia touched the fingers to her head, then pulled them away. A white light slowly filled the space. A memory. Forest sat in a chair with Enorbia at his side.

            “I found this orb while walking through the woods to my tree house.” He said. “It was ginormous, I could barely hold it. I took it back home and dropped it. A light started to glow. It opened up to the size of an IPad and sent me to a screen where a bunch of book titles where.  Inside it, there were books that people have written and published. So I read all the books that were inside it. I couldn’t understand why someone would throw away such mysterious object. Until my mother wrote a book. It was called ‘The Cyplore.’ As soon as she got it published, the orb glowed faintly until the glow disappeared.  I touched it and it started to glow again. I pressed a button on the side of the orb, and a blue light appeared in front of me. “Come.” A voice so sweet and kind, lured me into the light. At first, it was black with nothing. Slowly, land started appearing in front of me. I walked for about three miles, then I stumbled upon your cottage.” The memory ended.

            “Then I gave him some tea and let him stay with me for a bit.” Enorbia raised her hand and a tray appeared. “I forgot to ask, you hungry?” Dr. Rizzo looked at the tray of tea, scones and bagels and grabbed a blueberry scone. She continued her story.

            “I told him he was welcome to stay as long as I could look at the orb. So I started looking. I realized that it wasn’t just an orb. It was a portal to all of the book worlds. Of course, I didn’t tell him that. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I was going to use it to take over all the worlds. I started making plans and diagrams, reading all of the books to find out all about them and their characters. I decided I would consult Forest and talk to him about it. I was about to ask him, when he stormed out of his room into mine.

“What is this?” He asked angrily, holding up my written plan to take over the worlds.

“My plans that I wanted to talk to you about.” I replied. “I figured out that this orb is a portal to all of these stories. You can travel into all of the stories. I wanted to take over all of them and be the queen of the worlds.” I turned to him. He was looking at me, tilting his head. “You can be my king.” This seemed to snap him out of his trance.

“King?” He asked shakily.

“Yes, my king.” I stepped closer to him, taking the paper from his hands. He grabbed on tightly.

“No. I won’t let you do this with the Remul.” Forest shouted, taking the Remul from the edge of my bed. I wasn’t going to have all of my plans ruined.

“How dare you!” I screamed lunging at him. He ducked and ran out the door. I heard him get of a horse and run into the forest. Little did he know, I had a little secret. I jumped onto my horse and followed him. He somehow got the orb to create a portal so that he could jump in. I found him and gave him a chance to give it back. He defied me and I burned him to death.” Enorbia looked at her hands.

“Well, I best get going then.” Dr. Rizzo said, getting up and stretching. Enorbia wished him luck and looked at Forest’s body on the ground before turning and going home.


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